Beverages group of Yıldız Holding was taken over by Japan DyDo Drinco on February 1st, 2016 and thus started off its global journey.

It continues its production activities with 4 production facilities for our consumers.

  • Fruit juice and carbonated drinks in Adapazarı Akyazı
  • Natural mineral water in Adapazarı Hendek
  • Sparkling water in Karabük Eskipazar
  • Fruit juice and ice tea in Adapazarı Pamukova

Our brands for you; Çamlıca, Saka, Maltana, Fiftea, İçim, Cola Turka and Link.

DyDo Group Holding Inc. Subsidiaries:

  • DyDo Drinco Inc (Beverage)
  • DyDo Pharmaceutical Corporation (Pharmaceuticals / Contract manufacturing)
  • Tarami Corporation (Gel)
  • International Beverages Companies (Turkey, Malesia)
  • International Beverages Enterprises (China, Russia)

Our Beverage Business was taken over from Yildiz Holding to Japanese Company: DyDo Drinco on 1th February 2016 and we start our global journey as Dydo Drinco Group Company.

We continue to manufacture well-known beverage products for our customers at 4 production plants.

  • In Akyazı/ Sakarya: fruit juice and carbonated beverage,
  • In Hendek/ Sakarya: natural mineral spring water,
  • In Eskipazar/ Karabük: natural mineral water,
  • In Pamukova/ Sakarya: Fruit juice and iced tea.

Our brands that we present to our consumers’ taste; Çamlıca, Saka, Maltana, Fiftea, İçim, Cola Turka, Link and others Eskipazar, Sunny….

We are within the structure of DyDo Group Holding Inc.;

  • Dydo Drinco Inc (Beverage)
  • Dydo Pharmaceutical Corporation (Medicine / Contract manufacturing organization.)
  • Tarami Corporation (Fruits jelly)
  • International Beverage Corporation (Turkey, Malaysia)
  • International Beverage Business (China, Russia)