Our Values

• We open a new door to change and success
• Continuous challenges make us dynamic and innovative
• Continuous small changes lead up to improvement, and continuous improvements lead up to greater innovation, and innovations lead up to great success
• By facing bigger challenges, we learn more and we grow more
• We are not afraid of failure; no risk means no value and no return
Customer First
• We are always trying to find something new or good beyond customers’ needs and expectations
• We are always together with customers with a long-lasting and mutually profitable relationship
• We are promising to create customers’ happiness and pleasure always
• We develop cross-functional relationships to make positive energy in the entire company
• We proactively involve in our business topics rather than just waiting and watching
• We develop mutual and trustable relationships
• We bring in different opinions from different viewpoints and have constructive discussions to generate new solutions and ideas
• To solve a difficult problem and make right decision, we bring in our expertise, experience, and opinion as a team
High Quality Standard
• We are always trying to be the best in the market
• We never give up improving our products and service quality
• We always do the right things in the right way
• We always offer high quality products and service to customers
• We believe that making differences generates competitive advantage
• We believe that being unique is sometimes better than being the best
• We offer unique products and services with small surprises to make people happy
First Mover
• We rule the game and shape the market standards in order to move first
• We go beyond customers’ needs and expectations in order to move first
• We are highly motivated to be the first on the next level
• Quick decision making and flexibility are the keys to move first in competing


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