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We enrich personal and professional experiences of our employees with programs in line with our company values and focusing on a high-performance culture.
While aiming to ensure improvement in professional and technical areas of our business processes, we constantly develop our cooperation with different offices with the Language Learning Support of the company.
As well as focusing on creating experience to allow our employees to be more successful at their corporate lives and support their personal developments with the Japanese Business Training Program, we make our employees in executive positions readier both for the future of both our company and the sector with the MBA Support Program.
By use of @bizde10/10 Webinars, Idea Workshops and Honor Awards, we strive for good practices at the company to be noticed and appreciated.

International Appointments
Yumi Mumizo
Marketing Associate

When I first met DyDo Drinco in Boston, US in 2014, they were explaining their global strategy passionately.It was very fascinating to me because it matched with my interests and professions.Thus, since then pursing an international career in DyDo has become my dream.
In DyDo Drinco Japan, it’s rare for new graduate to be appointed immediately to the desired positions, however.

Firstly, I spent 1.5 years as a sales representative, which wasn’t the happiest moment in my career though, I learneda lot about products, channel, distributions, teamwork, and everything I needed to know as a business person in Japan.
After that, I started my career as marketer, specifically as a market researcher, and spend 3.5 years, before coming to DyDo Drinco Turkey.
In regards to market differences, in Turkey, there’re many products we don’t see in the shelves in Japan, for example, 19 liter bottled water, Pomegranate juice, or chocolate milk.
On the other hand, there are products I couldn’t find here, such as lactic acid beverages, diet beverages, or green tea.
In Japan, you can’t buy water in size bigger than 2 lt, which is not the case in Turkey.
As juice aroma, orange, grape, apple, peach, and grapefruits and some others are common, but although not impossible, pomegranate, black berry, or apricot are hard to find in regular grocery store.
As a flavor for milk, chocolate is not common, but there are coffee, strawberry, or fruits mix as common ones.
All of lactic acid beverages, diet drinks, and green tea are very common in Japan, which you will always find in convenience stores, groceries and even in pharmacies.
Second, as a market, I didn’t find many convenience stores and vending machines as much as Japan.
I wondered where people buy beverages while they’re working at office, but I find tea-service in Turkey, which I’ve never seen in Japan. I love this culture.

Japanese Business Training Program
Büşra Kurt
Senior Planning and Sales Manager

I serve as DyDo Drinco Turkey as the senior planning and purchasing manager and it has been 14 years since I started working in the beverage sector. Working at a global and constantly developing company offers me important opportunities for my professional and personal development, one of such opportunities was my participation in the Japanese Business Training Program.

I have been to several countries throughout my education and professional life; however, I had never had the chance to go to Japan.
When I first learned that I would be included in the program among the young leader candidates of my company, I felt very excited.
Throughout the program, I had the chance to observe country-specific business culture and social life.
The offices, plant, markets, streets and even taxies were different than what I had seen.
It was quite impressive in 3 cities we had the chance to travel to see that DyDo products were easily accessible with their hot-cold alternatives from the vending machines.
Mesmerising temples in Kyoto, travelling by high-speed train, hiking in bamboo forests and experience new tastes were the moments that stuck in my mind.
While developing my strategies regarding my job after the program, I started to ask the question how I would make a difference while managing my projects more.
I started to carry out my duties with a broader perspective and reinforced the requirement that quality is as important as costs and first and foremost the business should centralize "human".


Idea Workshop
Şerafettin Koçalay
Electric Maintenance Technician

I determined during an inside process improvement meeting we held at Akyazı plant regarding production and maintenance departments that the CO2 dire rate was high in one of our filling machines.

As a result of the joint study, we initiated to settle this problem, we set a gauge and started to examine the CO2 amounts consumed per box.
By this way, the improvement points in the system were determined and leakages were recovered.
When I shared the acquired results and my planwith my department manager, I was told that the idea could be considered within the Idea Workshop application.

Subsequent to the commission evaluation, materials needed were provided in a very speedy way and additions were made for the system improvement and 50% of yield increase was acquired.
I am happy for having an idea about a joint work between the production and maintenance departments and for the support provided by those in charge who acted rapidly, evaluated my recommendation and actualized it and that the company made profit.


Language Learning Support
İdris Güler
Modern Channel Sales Manager

Success in the business world - generally relies on the only important thing - communication; Communicating properly is the most important key to carrying out our job in the best way.If you want to develop your communication skills in an international environment, it is possible to say that your English level will be the base of this.
If you want to sell, convince people or lead your employees, your English skills will be, without a doubt, your biggest assistant.

Additionally, if you plan to enlarge your business to other parts of the world, you will realize soon that English will be the language that you will use the most.
I remember very clearly that when I started working for DyDo Drinco, which is a multi-national company, I thought my perspective needed to change in this direction.
English was preferred to be an additional competency at my previous company but it became a part of our job at DyDo.
For this reason, I initially started to learn English with my personal efforts.
Consequently, I participated in the "English Learning Training Program" initiated by our company and enhanced my communication skills faster.
Attending classes with my colleagues allowed me to develop both my professional and personal relations and my relations with them in a positive way.
I paid special attention not to interrupt my training even though I am often on business trips since I work at the sales department.
This process was naturally not very easy but I was aware that I needed to be patient and make efforts to be successful.
Now, I can communicate with foreign colleagues at our company.



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