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Into the future, DyDo Drinco Turkey (DDT) is committed to maintain the value that it is creating for the economy, for the environment and for society.

Dear Guest, 

DyDo Drinco Turkey creates added value for Turkey.
I believe that DDT, with its important qualifications of innovativeness and uniqueness, is one of the private sector’s leading corporations which will make Turkey's growth sustainable.
Recently, we started to expand our international distribution network, aiming to ensure the sustainability of its international beverage sales and distribution, especially with respect to reaching its Saka Water customers directly in UK.
DDT’s management is committed to focus its activities on increasing today's economic added value, while protecting the value to be created in the future. The company’s performance is assessed only after taking into account its successful initiatives in meeting its social and environmental targets, in addition to reaching its economic targets.
Looking at our company’s value chain, we are now seeking to understand and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our people, especially new recruits.
We lead in workplace health and safety, since workplace health and safety are our fundamental priority.
As DDT, I believe that we are moving into a very successful period and our company will elevate its value and position with the performance we will show in our sustainability targets.
I would like to invite everyone who wants to contribute to DDT’s success, its reputation, its strong market position, effectiveness, its innovation and to its worldwide competitiveness.

Naoi Kagawa

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