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Founded as a sole proprietorship medicine company, DyDo Drinco reached its customers by means of a way resembling the current vending machine with its medicine sales system (okigusuri) that is peculiar to Japan and has been in use for 300 years.Having been incorporated in 1956 and taken the name of DAIDO YAKUHIN K.K., the company has become a medicine production company focused on energy drinks.

Along with the economic improvements in Japan in 1970s, the company started the sales of canned coffee together with energy drinks and made drink sales its secondary core working area.In parallel with the increase of the number of vending machines across the country then, DyDo Drinco has taken the first step of the network composed of 260.000 vending machines that it currently has, and DAIDO K.K. which would later be renamed as DyDo DRINCO Inc. was founded in 1975.The company switched (1991) its way of business in the medicine sector to the contract production model that it currently maintains.

The company went public in 2001 and started to be traded at Tokyo Stock Exchanges from then on. In addition to the retailing in Japan, DyDo Drinco is among the leading companies in terms of vending machine sales, which is quite common in Japan, with its 260.000 drink vending machines.DyDo Drinco is the third company in terms of vending machines sales in the coffee category with its unique products produced from original coffee beans and not containing any artificial flavours and different product varieties addressing different tastes since 1975

Able to maintain its steady growth in 2000s, DyDo Drinco focused on developing new business models in 2000s and directed some of its investments outwards Japan.The company made its first base of international investments in Russia in 2013 and continued its efforts in Malaysia in 2015 and in Turkey in 2016.

Founded in 2016 upon Yıldız Holding having purchased 90% of the company's shares, DyDo Drinco Turkey has become the most important actor of the company's International Business Branch with its significant growth rates in each year after its foundation.DyDo Drinco Turkey continues its activities in the country and region with the holding's 2030 vision "to create enjoyable, healthy lifestyles for people around the world".

Having currently 5 production plants and approximately 600 employees, DyDo Drinco Turkey constitutes 10% of the consolidated net sales of DyDo Group Holding and its products are gladly consumed especially in Turkey and 12 countries, the vast majority of which is in the European region, to which they are exported.

DyDo Drinco Turkey aims in the upcoming period to open offices especially in countries to which it exports its products and further improve its operations, and to increase its sales share to above 20% within the group.Established in the UK within this scope in 2019, DyDo Drinco UK is a sales company, 100% of which is owned by DyDo Drinco Turkey.

DyDo Drinco Turkey provides contract production support to companies requiring it with its cutting-edge technology, high production capacity and extensive experience in the sector as well as being one of the leading drink companies of Turkey with the brands Saka, Çamlıca, Cola Turka, Maltana, İçim, Link, Sunny and Joozy.




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We provide happiness and satisfaction with extraordinary and high-quality products.We always work in harmony with our customers, the society and employees with our constantly dynamic and competitive spirit.

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DyDo Drinco exports to twelve countries from Australia to the US. dydoexportall@dydodrinco.com.trFor your export requests, please contact us via

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